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Project Name: PPC Management of Intoroskins.co.uk
Industry: Miscellaneous
Technologies Used: PPC
Client Brief

Intoroskins.co.uk Established in early 2006, InToroTM is dedicated to helping you customize and protect your devices with the most fashionable accessories available, Its first company in the UK to offer online customization of our skins for most popular electronic devices.

Project Challenges

Generating maximum number of potential leads, Generating increased number of leads in tight budget ; being a service provider the requirement of campaign was to sell the product in very low cost to maintain and increase the ROI gradually.

High Competitive Market
Getting Top placement of Ads
Entire Country Specific Leads
Minimizing CPC
Regular Quality leads
Accelerating Conversion rate
Reducing Cost per conversions

Our PPC expert develop work strategy and new PPC campaign, we had to generate effective leads in limited budget of the campaign, major requirement to success the campaign was to keep increasing the leads, by keeping the CPC down.

The Endeavor

After the optimized new campaign setup for Intoroskins.co.uk on Google Adwords and started getting conversion at optimum cost; we provide good Results in terms of lowest cost of conversions to client and Expand its business tremendously.

The site receives a significant number of visitors
Keyword Ranking Status
Initial Current
Number of Website Visitors 0 19,913
Average Position 0 4.8
Average Cost per Click 0 UK£0.11
Conversions 0 737
Cost per Conversion 0 UK£3.07
Conversion Rate 0 3.7%