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Project Name: Hotel Booking Website
Industry: Hotel
Technologies Used: Smarty, My SQL, Payment gateway: stripe.com
The project was delayed and it was also more hands-on than I anticipated. However, in the end, I was 100% satisfied with the deliverables. Flexsin was instrumental in making sure everything was done to my satisfaction.
Martine Stephenson
United States
The Project: The website provides database driven vacation accommodation and a user friendly control for the property owners to manage their rooms to be rented.

It offers extensive completely satisfying web site that will amplify the travelers' ability to discover and reserve their ideal holiday accommodation. Easy for customers to make reservations. At the time of a reservation, the system takes the guest through the booking process, selecting their room type, package details, displaying costs, requesting their contact and payment information and then storing all details in a hopper for processing. Dual confirmation/notification messages are sent to both guests and hotel staff. Privilege based admin dashboard that allowed admin to manage the site and users.
Projec Challenge: perlehospitality.com was to create a website that enables the property owners to post their properties to be rented and facilitates the travelers to find and book their properties. A user can search by date, hotel, room type, price, location, and number of people with real-time room availability checks and ability to automatically update inventory as rooms are booked. To provide an interface for hotel reservation allowing functionality like Guest Booking, Guest Check-In, Check-out, Reporting etc.
The Endeavor:

The new interactive website provides visitors with all the necessary information about the property and surroundings, focusing on performance, i.e. improving the visitors-to-booking ratio.

This innovative booking system has an interactive calendar that displays real-time availability and pricing. perlehospitality.com can now take full control of their website, update, add and edit information whenever is necessary.

The simplicity of the integrated platform allows the hotel managers to spend more time in strategically planning and taking care of their customers rather than only managing reservations.