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Reputation Management (SERM)

Reputation Management, Online reputation Management, Search Engine Reputation Management

Reduce downsides of your business value with online reputation management

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently."

-- Warren Buffet

In the selfish business world, reputation is an opinion made by people about a company, its products and services. It decides the place and value of any business enterprise in the competitive market. All it happens when you go online and get a social media presence. Online presence allows people to evaluate you and your supplies. Sometimes people render their best opinions; sometimes they offer negative feedback. In maximum cases, rivals willingly post negative feedback to calumniate the credibility and goodwill of their opponents. As ‘seeing is believing’ is a fact, so people create a common negative opinion about the reputation of a business. All this put a being criticized business at the higher risk and make things very difficult for survival.

Why ORM?
  • One negative review can cost a business around 30 potential customers
  • Unsatisfied customers spread negative opinion in the market
  • Competitors take advantage of negativity and target your customers
  • Decrease in revenue and negative impact on the reputation
  • Guest satisfaction enhances your online reputation
  • Unhappy customers and decreased ROI

To fight fake or doctored criticism successfully, there is a panacea called online reputation management (ORM). It not only creates positivity but also clears negativity in the competitive market. The marketing strategy is vital to:

  • Ameliorate all image contradictions
  • Control reputation online
  • Manage online reputation on popular search engines and social media sites
  • Quell negative listings

Web Outsourcing India, an online reputation management outsourcing services provider, understands the concernment of ORM for business of all sizes and types. With its search engine reputation management services, the company commits to render them quality business solutions assuring higher visibility on search engine pages and increased traffic to their relevant websites.

ORM strategy to cope with negativity:

A good strategy from a competent and professional ORM company brings criticized person, service, product or individual in good books of all online goers. To do so, an ORM company does a lot of online activities. All well-executed and planned ORM activities are necessary to:

  • Cope with identity crisis by brushing off all cynical published content
  • Manage ORM activities on popular search engines and social media sites
  • Publish original but positive web content
  • Release positively written content on relevant websites
  • Respond online criticism patiently
  • Attract online readers in a cordial way
  • Clear negativity by suppressing all negative remarks in weeks not in months
  • Handle negative feedback
  • Push negative links further down the searches
  • Circulate positive Press Releases