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PHP Development

PHP needs no introduction as it has become the most preferred server-side scripting language for developing numerous ecommerce websites, social networking websites, CRM, CMS, web calendars, accounting software and payment gateways. The language has made a real difference to the existence and performance of millions websites. Facebook and Wikipedia are just two popular names who have developed their websites with PHP.

Our PHP-based services and solutions include dynamic portals and websites, application development, eCommerce development, CMS customization, Cloud application designing and software development.

PHP Lamp Technologies

Originated with initials of Linux, Apache HTTP server, 1.3 MySQL and 1.4 PHP, Perl or Python, the open source software is ideal for developing general purpose web server.

PHP Technologies

We use dynamic web development and web-based applications to develop numerous ecommerce websites and applications, social networking websites, CRM, CMS, web calendars, accounting software and payment gateways through a team of experienced, skilled and certified PHP professionals.

PHP Opensource

PHP open source is perfectly ideal for creating dynamic web pages, server-side scripting and building of software frameworks. With it, you can create your website freely and easily. That is why it is the most-used open source software within enterprises.

eCommerce Solutions

An ideal solution for managing all activities of online stores of all shapes and types.

Our open source ecommerce software solutions allow online retailers gain a complete control over their ecommerce shop activities.

CMS Technologies

Making every piece of content updated, informative, interactive and user-friendly in no time.

Our open-source web applications and content management systems empower numerous websites and applications for established brands in all corners of the world.