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Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Rich Internet applications (RIA) are Web applications having the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications rendered through interactive, efficient and rich interface so that end users can have high definition user experience. RIA offers an ideal platform for content distribution through text, files, images, audio and video powered by a web browser. The framework of RIA is an amalgamation of client-server and web technology for ISVs, e-business and ecommerce solutions.

Why RIA makes a difference?
  • Adds value to your web applications
  • Meets customer expectations directly
  • Simplify and speeds up web processes
  • Attracts regular and dedicated traffic to websites
  • Saves costs on Bandwidth
  • Increases production at a large scale
Flex Development

Build expressive mobile, web and desktop applications with open source framework

Ensure the availability of remarkable benefits for developers and end-users with our timely and accomplished flex development services

AIR Development

Generate rich internet applications that can function on desktops or mobiles

Develop engaging and rick desktop/mobile applications that are interoperable and run on all platforms such as Mac, Linux and Windows OS.


Put dynamic content on the webpages with the method of AJAX.

Ensure interactivity as well as the responsiveness from the desktop with expressive mobile, web and desktop applications from AJAX

We create enriched web applications by using RIA technologies that are highly advanced and result-oriented. We offer high end solutions and services designed to meet specific business needs of online customers and improve overall efficiency.

Our RIA development services include:
  • Designing and developing RIA user interfaces with CSS standards
  • RIA consulting and strategy
  • Applying RIA to existing sites
  • Designing and developing reusable Javascript Ajax components
  • RIA game development
  • RIA QA service