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Zend Framework

Zend Framework is a modular, extensible, secure, high-performing and the most popular open source and object-oriented web application framework for modern and specific PHP applications. The application framework is compatible with the PHP and is used by developers to create more reusable codes for designs and applications of websites with great functionality. For its many slackly coupled components, it is also known as 'component library.' Zend framework components support object oriented (oops) methodology.

Zend Framework's Model View Controller (MVC) implementation supports layouts and PHP based templates. In addition to that, it supports multiple databases. It extends the PHP/MYSQL web application by offering object-oriented best practices, corporate friendly and well tested error free codes.

Advantages of Zend Framework:
  • Completely object-oriented
  • Fluent interfaces and abstract classes
  • Rich library for frequent usage in applications
  • Future expansion scopes
  • Extensible and well-tested codes
  • Flexible architecture
  • Easily expandable and controlled
  • Need no configuration files to run
  • Easy maintenance and deployment

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